St. John's Vestry




The vestry at St. John's Episcopal Church is the administrative body of the church which is elected by and then represents the Parish. Nine members make up this governing body of which includes a Rector's Warden and Parish Warden. The Rector's Warden is appointed annually by the Priest and serves as the vestry chairperson in his absence. The Parish Warden is elected annually by the vestry and is responsible for the oversight of building and grounds. In addition, there are several appointed positions which may be recommended by the Rector and must be voted on by members of the vestry. These positions include the clerk, treasurer and financial director. Unless otherwise elected to this governing body, these positions shall not be voting members. Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting held January of each year. Elected members serve a three-year term of office. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month following the 6:00 p.m. Eucharist service, unless otherwise indicated. The Rector presides over all meetings.


The vestry is primarily responsible for church property including all assets. In addition, they approve the annual budget and authorize major purchases. In the event that a new priest is needed, the vestry makes this call with the bishop's approval. In addition, the Vestry meets to discuss, reflect and take action on the many important aspects of Parish life. They also serve as an advisory council to the rector.





Expire in 2016 Expire in 2017 Expire in 2018
Robert Ellison John Byler Betsy Curlin
Melissa Rhodes Christine Gregory Tyler Kitchens
Charla Robb Kenneth Jordan Kathy Peoples




Rector's Warden:  Melissa Rhodes

Parish Warden:  Kenneth Jordan

Clerk of the Vestry: Celeste Ames

Financial Director: Robert Ellison

Treasurer: John Byler

Parish Nurse: Susan Currie

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